“The Dragonborn Comes” – colab with Bethesda Nordic

In honour of the 10 years anniversary of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I created a cover of the famous song from the game: “The Dragonborn Comes” (originally written by Jeremy Soule and sung by Malukah) in collaboration with Bethesda Nordic and Anna Erlandsson. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Attempting to meet the mood of the game, the nature footage in the music video is shot in Glen Lyon, Scotland and in Osterøy, Norway. The beautiful setting inside the house was provided by the inspiring Old Stables Studio and its owners Don and Wenche Shaw. I want to thank them for letting me record in their beautiful space!


Music Producer: Christine Kammerer

Video Producer: Christine Kammerer and Kjell Braaten

Video editing: Christine Kammerer

All Vocals: Christine Kammerer

Piano: Christine Kammerer

Bowed Lyre: Lea Hildebrandt Rossander

A special thanks to HC Molbech for inspiring me to sing this song in the first place.

To Peter Ananin for the otherworldly experience of seeing the Shrine of the Cailleach at Glen Lyon in Scotland, where some of the footage in this video is from.

And lastly a thanks to Kjell Braaten for showing me the beautiful creative and soul enrichening space that is the Old Stables Studio in Osterøy, Norway.

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