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“Christine’s voice is ethereal and haunting.
If a voice could take you away to a mystical place then her voice is the one to do it.

~ BroadwayWorld UK

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Christine Kammerer, an acclaimed international artist, is known for her versatile talents as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer. She serves as the lead singer and lyre player in the fusion folk band Jotunger. Her musical style is often characterized as a symphonic blend of Nordic and Celtic folk music, infused with a touch of musical theatre.

Having already released two EPs and three singles, Kammerer is set to launch her debut solo album in 2024, along with the debut album for Jotunger. Additionally, she holds the roles of co-CEO, composer, and singer in the highly praised and award-nominated production “Whisky & Witches.” The show, which has achieved critical acclaim, has toured in three countries, sold out 15 shows, and garnered two award nominations within its first year.

Throughout her illustrious career, Kammerer has graced stages across the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, and the USA, performing at a diverse range of venues from markets and festivals to the prestigious Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and even for the Queen of Denmark.

Selected performances and collaborations: Fèis Ìle, The National Museum of Denmark (DK), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (UK), Lofotr Viking Festival (NO), Moesgaard Museum (DK), The Scottish Crannog Centre (UK), Helsinore Castle, Kjell Braaten, Bethesda Nordic, University of Glasgow and Land of Legends.

She is currently working on her debut solo album which features Scottish and Scandinavian musicians

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Kammerer’s music is a fusion of Nordic and Celtic folk soundscapes, with a distinctive cinematic and symphonic character to it. Together with her hypnotic and sonorous voice she draws the listener into a universe, which moves from tales of human nature to stories about folklore, myth and legend.

At times quiet and storytelling, inviting her audience to contemplate and immerse themselves in the music. At times picturesque and grandiose, creating a magical journey through tales and time.

On top of being a composer and singer, Kammerer is a Musicologist who works with curating cultural heritage through music and performance. Specializing in the Viking Age.

Working in the intersection between history, culture and music also lead her to developing award-nominated and highly recommended musical, whisky experience “Whisky and Witches”.

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Broadway Baby

“I was instantly blown away by [Christine’s] voice, her talent as a performer and her ability to tell stories when she sings. She completely captivates her audience and performs complex tracks with the greatest of ease and ethereal grace.”

~ Birgitte Schmølker, the Danish Chambre Orchestra

“Something special happens when the worlds of Celtic and Nordic music meet in Christine’s music, providing a synergy between cultures and countries that strengthens our bonds beyond borders.”

~ Rachel Backshall, Assistant Director at The Scottish Crannog Centre


“Raven Brings Runes” (2022) – an international collaboration


  • “The Dragonborn Comes” (cover 2021, made in collaboration with Bethesda Nordic)
  • “Eversong” (single 2021, with her band JotunGER) Listen here
  • “Growing Pains” (solo EP 2020). Listen here
  • “Gjaldulei” (EP 2019, with her band Gjaldulei) Watch performances here


Jotunger (her band) here

Christine Kammerer – Singing, Piano and Lyre (live compilation)

Christine Kammerer – Singing and Guitar (live compilation)

“The Dragonborn Comes” cover – See the music video here


Music and folk music have always been part of my life. In High School I majored in Music and Drama, and afterwards continued down this path, when I took an intensive 6-month course at The School for Music and Theater in Toftlund, Denmark. I went on to do a BA in Musicology and Cross-Cultural Studies and then a Master of Arts in Culture and Communications from Copenhagen University. In my masters I specialized in Living History and in the discussion, portrayal and performance of cultural and collective identity in different genres of music.Since then, I have done courses in Assertive Communication and Personal Leadership, have studied the ancient technique of Kulning (Nordic Herd Calling) and have studied Music Production at MPW (Music Production for Women, London).

In 2022-2023 I finished a course in Music Production, Management and PR called “Master Your Music” at MPW.

As a composer in Jotunger (formerly Gjaldulei), Christine Kammerer studies ancient musical structures and searches through the sagas and the cultural history of the Viking Age, to create new compositions. Composing on her lyre (a replica of the one found in the Sutton Hoo excavation) she marries prehistoric soundscapes, with Nordic and Celtic folk tonalities. Her approach to composing is experimental and rooted in music archeology, music history and cultural history.


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