“Christine Kammerer is committed to the students and has amazing skill in engaging students of all levels, building trust with them, improving their confidence and self-awareness, and helping them unlock their full potential. Ms. Kammerer has extraordinary pedagogical skills, and has an eye for seeing the students’ individual strengths.”

~ Anu Erkut-Rajala, Artistic Leader at SceneKunst Musical Theatre School, Denmark

Since 2016 I have worked as a singing teacher and as a vocal coach, specialising in working with the voice in a holistic way. Taking my students entire mental, emotional and physical history into account, whilst building their voice work on a strong foundation of healthy singing technique.

I have taught over 60 solo students and coached singers who went on to esteemed Musical Theatre schools in Denmark and London. Some of my students are in larger productions at Det Ny Teater (The New Theatre, DK) and the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (DK). For 3 years I also worked as a singing instructor at the musical theatre school SceneKunst in Denmark.

My students include:

  • Professional and amateur singers
  • CEO’s and lecturers
  • Clients in the museum- and tourist industry looking for vocal coaching for tour guides
  • Vocal therapy students

As I am a professional singer, trained in CVT and classical singing since I was 10 years old, I can aid students with everything from singing technique to storytelling, stage presence and how to handle “stage fright”, to vocal technique in the studio. I specialise in musical theatre, folk music, classical and dramatic singing, and can teach a wide array of genres.

After the first session Christine could already identify my challenges and tell me how we could work on me reaching the full potential of my voice! She creates such a trusting and fun learning environment in which I felt safe to explore and challenge my voice.

Anna Lynch, Danish Singer


As my student you will receive thorough training in vocal technique, and I always tailor my teaching to fit the individual students needs, goals and starting points.
Remembering, that technique is but a foundation we build to allow the the true nature of singing to unfold in a healthy way for our voice: The desire to tell the best story through song

Besides teaching singing I also offer Vocal Therapy, using the voice as a tool for healing trauma, healing voice trauma, removing mental blockages and strengthening your connection to your authentic self.
Since I have myself worked through trauma and have lived with anxiety for years, not only am I trained to work with it, I have an intimate understanding of the inner workings of their effects on body, voice and mind. *
In 2020 I released the EP “Growing Pains” + a booklet about using song and songwriting to work through trauma and anxiety. Find it here

I specialize in:

  • Building the student’s understanding of the Singing Body and developing healthy singing techniques, through structurering a Voice Fitness Regime which strengthens the voice, develops the support and builds flexibility in all aspect of the voice.
  • Building the student’s capabilities in the areas of: storytelling, character building, text analysis, emotional engagement, performance techniques, music theory and more.
    Working with vocal trauma and with trauma which manifest itself as blockages in your voice and body, limiting your vocal, mental and physical freedom. Some of the tools I use are: chakra song, power singing, mindfulness and sound healing. The voice can be both the subject of the healing and be used as a means of healing and dealing with anxiety, traumas and stress.


Studied Complete Vocal Technique with Trille Palsgaard for 6 years; Musical Theatre Course (6 months intensive course at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen, DK, 2009); BA in Musicology (University of Copenhagen, 2013); Master of Arts, Specializing in the portrayal and discussion of cultural identity and the gendered body through genre, voicework and singing styles (University of Copenhagen, 2016); Course in Assertive Communication and Personal Leadership (KEA, DK, 2016); Course in Kulning: Ancient Scandinavian Song (DK, 2018); Master Your Music: A Course in Music Production, Songwriting, PR and Project Management (MPW, 2021 – 2023)


Furthermore I teach courses and masterclasses in:

  • “Holistic Singing and the Power of the Voice”
  • “The Singing Body and Technique”
  • “Music and Mindfullness for Kids”
  • “Storytelling and Character Work”
  • “Songwriting”

I do the courses both independently and in collaboration with music and musical theatre schools. In the past I have worked with SceneKunst, Furesoe Music School, the Qvintorate and Bagsvaerd Amateur Theatre. Please contact me for enquiries about courses.

Productions I have co-produced: “Guys & Dolls” (2020), “Christmas Show” (2020), “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (summer, 2021), “Christmas Show” (2021). I have also worked with sections of the musicals: The Addams Family (2020), Aladdin (2020), Peter Pan (2020), Tarzan (2021), Legally Blonde (2021), Camp Rock (2021), Sound of Music (2022), The Wiz (2022), and Book of Mormon (2022).


Solo Lesson (50 minutes): 550 DKKR // £50

Pass with 5 lessons: 2500 DKKR // £225

(limited time only)

Solo Lesson (50 minutes): £40

Pass with 5 lessons: £200

For courses and interest in booking please to

Cancellation Procedure

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must do so with minimum 24 hour notice, otherwise a cancellation fee of half the price of the lesson will be charged. OBS! If you cancel after after 18:00 // 6PM the night before your or on the same day of your lesson, you will have to pay the full price for the lesson.

OBS! In regards to courses the cancellation process is different. Please look at the guidelines on each specific course.

OBS! Særligt for danske klienter og elever

Da har oplevet en del aflysninger af fysiske undervisningstimer, når jeg er i Danmark, har jeg været nødt til at lave en særlig tilføjelse til min aflysningspolitik. Jeg har fuld forståelse for, at der kan ske ting så man er nødt til at undervise en aftale, men problemet er, at jeg bruger meget energi på planlægning af elever når jeg endelig er i Danmark, plus at det koster en del for mig at komme hjem.

Derfor implementerer jeg per d. 15. juli 2022 en ny, strammere aflysningspolitik. Dette gælder ikke online undervisningslektioner. Min fremtidige booking- og aflysningspolitik for danske elever til fysiske undervisningstimer er følgende:

  1. Man betaler for den time man booker, når man booker den
  2. Skulle du efterfølgende få behov for at aflyse, så opkræves et aflysningsgebyr på halvdelen af lektionens pris.

Aflysninger jævnfør min normale aflysningspolitik er også stadig gældende

OBS! Ift. bookinger er det klart nemmest og billigst at købe et klippekort på 5 gange, som både kan bruges fysisk og til virtuelle sanglektioner.